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Constantine takes after the plot of the movie, however, it, for the most part, gets straight to the point instead of setting up the story itself. You’ll see some cutscenes that give you the fundamental start, however, the story doesn’t generally remain all alone. It’s truly implied as a partner piece to the movie. So to separate it to its least difficult terms: You’ll be battling evil spirits by shooting them with blessed weapons.

A decent aspect regarding Constantine is its pacing. The game begins off with a blast by sending you straightforwardly to hellfire, where you’ll do a touch of battling before the game rolls a credit succession. From that point, you’ll get a couple of more bits of the story before carrying on in this present reality. Damnation is utilized as a substitute plane, of sorts, for the reasons for bewilder fathoming. Constantine can transport himself to damnation by remaining in a puddle of water and releasing somewhat Latin. This more often than not implies you’ll progress the extent that you can in one domain, discover a puddle of water, transport to the next plane, and keep advancing. Now and then you’ll need to move confines one world to explore over obstructions in the other. This present framework’s been utilized before for comparable riddles in games like Soul Reaver and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Constantine’s variant of this framework feels a little stupefied, however, since at whatever time you see a puddle or a vial of water, it’s an unmistakable sign that it’s the ideal opportunity for a change of landscape.

The perplex settling parts of Constantine truly take a rearward sitting arrangement to the run-and-weapon activity. The game is continually tossing evil presences at you, and you have a couple of various approaches to thrashing them. The essential technique is with shot weaponry, similar to guns, a nailgun, a blessed shotgun, et cetera. You’ll likewise prepare auxiliary weapons, similar to sacred water. Moreover, you’ll cast spells that can wipe out a modest bunch of foes, effectively dispatch a had human, et cetera. To cast spells, you’ll first need to choose which spell to cast with the D cushion. At that point, you’ll hit a catch to make the throwing interface come up. This will demonstrate to you which catches you have to hit to cast the spell. This works in a touch of throwing time, which means you’ll sporadically need to put some separation amongst you and your adversaries. In any case, since the catch presses are basic, and time moderates route, the path down when you begin to cast, this seldom becomes possibly the most important factor.

Constantine Game Free Download:

You’ll utilize your weapons to battle an assortment of evil spirits. The vast majority of these folks are clear. You simply shoot them until they drop. In any case, you’ll additionally keep running into rooms loaded with had rats, and go head to head against had people that oblige you to thrash them until the evil spirits leave their bodies. At that point, you should shoot these evil presences before they can have different cadavers. Moreover, you’ll experience some manager battles. These supervisor battles are OK, however, they’re normally simple and are vigorously dependent on just taking in an example and afterward adhering to it. The game rehashes this same recipe through and through and keeping in mind that it’s an OK length, you’re scarcely sufficiently given impetus to complete it once, not to mention backpedal for a moment run.

Constantine has the look of a spending game. Graphically, the best part about it is the player demonstrate, which looks a considerable measure like Keanu Reeves. The in-game model really makes a superior showing with regards to of displaying Constantine than the cutscenes do, however, the cutscenes aren’t excessively shabby. Hellfire likewise looks properly “horrendous,” with a consistent ruddy sparkle and a lot of uncovered fire. It’s quite recently too awful the edge rate can’t stay aware of whatever remains of the game, however. This is a significantly bigger issue on the PlayStation 2 than it is on the Xbox, however now and again, Constantine appears as though it’s scarcely slithering along in single-digit casing rate region. This is, for an absence of a superior word, awful. It’s likewise too awful, in light of the fact that whatever is left of the game looks really nice.

The sound in Constantine is about in the same class as you’d anticipate. It takes care of business with genuinely essential gunfire impacts and not too bad music, yet that is about it. One of whom really sounds a great deal like the genuine article and one of whom sounds more like somebody attempting to do an amusing impression of the genuine article. The uneven way of the voice work takes away from the game, general.


Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.5 GHz

Sound Card: Yes

RAM: 256 MB



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