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GTA Lyari Express Game Review:

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most famous and fantastic game ever, the best thing about GTA is that it’s appreciated by all age game lovers. As Grand Theft Auto have many series and parts, there is no doubt all version of that game are awesome and best for play. The original game is modified with different new fantastic features. GTA Lyari Express Game based on real effects on Karachi city of Pakistan. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and has many beautiful locations and buildings. Lyari is the very famous area of Karachi. The game is modified with some early cheats which are already included in the GTA versions so that’s the way you do not need to searching for any kind of cheats in this version. But the main thing is that there are many new additions are included in the GTA Lyari Express. You can see different kinds of new models of bikes which you can easily ride through the local roads and markets of the Lyari Karachi. Amazing 3d affected motor cars are also included in this version Lyari Express which are also you can drive through all stages of GTA Lyari Karachi. Amazing local buildings and locally based characters during the game represent the pretty effects of a culture of Karachi Asia. As it is modified version so that gameplay is same as GTA Vice City previous versions.

You can walk on various local streets which are definitely not included in GTA Vice City. Stages give you more complex and interest and you can easily pass through various type of buildings, roads, bridges, parks, seaside views and much more. Cheats pre-loaded helps you a lot and you do not have the chance of dying during missions as you also seen in Superman as he hit all things but in results, no one can heart him. Oh, and one thing more surely you would love to hear that the Cars in GTA Lyari Express are also not destroyable so you can take them anywhere, as you want. There is a very famous Bridge in Lyari, and at least every mission of GTA Lyari Express will begin from that famous bridge. The Police forces in that game are playing their role as audience as they do not arrests or follow you, so you can do anything with full of freedom as the fire from their guns are also not kills you. Money in this version of Vice City is flooding, you can snatch from other pockets, so you do not need to worry about to finding or collecting money. If you played GTA San Andreas then definitely you can see Hali-copters in San Andreas version so in GTA Lyari Express you can also see these gunship Helicopters same like in San Andreas.

GTA Lyari Express Game Free Download:

Maps locations are also changed in this version. So now it’s easier to find the targeted location without any trouble. The player is flying chopper during the progress of the missions, the control of chopper is very perfect. Amazing copper increases the charm and outlook of the game. 3d effected created Hali copter is looking very natural and effective. While playing mission of Lyari Express we see a place which looks like the English Alphabet “V” and we need to finish many stages of that kind, that’s a way we found very easy and simple missions of GTA Lyari Express game. But unfortunately there is one other stage of Lyari Express, now that time we required to break mirrors of various kinds at a shopping mall which is very difficult to break with a gun. As it’s a local installment, that’s the way it is not so popular and reviews on game forums are also not found yet with the guide to play. So that’s a way I tried my level best to take a birds eye of the main feature and functions of the game, which I hope helped you a lot during playing GTA Lyari Express game. You can also enjoy of playing it on famous Microsoft products like Windows 7, Windows XP and on many others free of cost. This post also helps you to get GTA Lyari Express Game Free Download with high compressed version.


Working on Pentium (iv)
Random Access Memory (RAM) is needed 512 MB
You Must need Graphics Card of 64 MB
Window Vista,
Window 7, 8, 8.1, XP & {32 or 64 Bits}
Hard 2 GB Minimum
Direct x 11 sound.







GTA Lyari Express Game Free Download:

Now here you can find free links to GTA Lyari Express game for download. So GTA Lyari Express Game Free Download and install on your PC or Mobile and enjoy of playing, and also do not forget to share the post with your friends and family on different social media networks. 😉

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